Heaven’s Scourge ch.8

This is the first time i had visited the shopping district. There were alot of couples in this town. It seemed as if Lucina noticed this too and wrapped her arms around mine.

“I don’t want to de different from the others. So lets consider this as a pretend date. Or should it be an actual date ♡?”(Lucina)

“An actual date? I’d be fine with that. It’s my first date so I’m sorry if you have a bad time?”(Izayoi)

This girl is really innocent. But at times can tease. Truly a fun girl. I feel like i’d never get bored around her.

“Mhm. It’s alright Izayoi I could never have a bad time around you! Izayoi look at this dress it so pretty. Do you think it’d look good on me?”(Lucina)

Honestly i think anything would look good on her. But i think a blue dress would fit her well. It’d go great with her blue hair and azure eyes.

“Anything would look great on you Lucina. I think that this blue dress would look great on you.”(Izayoi)

“Alright Izayoi let’s go in I want to try it on.”(Lucina)

“Yeah i’ll wait for you to get changed. Or do you want me to follow you in?”(Izayoi)

Grabbing my hand and lightly pulling me she playfully said

“Come in if you want.”(Lucina)

“Alright you win this time hurry up and get changed. I want to see you in your dress.”(Izayoi)



Heaven’s Scourge ch 7

I didn’t think that sleeping in Lucina’s room wouldn’t be too hard. I was wrong. Really really wrong. She’s a cuddler as well but she get’s way too close. Her lips are a few centimeters away from me. It’d be bad if this continues or if someone walks in on us.

“Hehe. You look so nervous Izayoi. I wonder why?”(Lucina)

This girl she really is annoying. I should tease her back too.

“I was trying to hold myself back with kissing you…”(Izayoi)

Lucina turned bright red. Yes mission accomplished she might try to fire back so i have to prepare.

“You don’t have to hold back. Since i saw how you were… i decided i will you you my heart and soul. My body is included in that as well.”(Lucina)

She’s bright red. She said such an embarassing thing… even I’m blushing. If she actually means it I might lose control. I lightly hold her head and then turn around.

“If you say such a thing some guys might lose control and do what they want.”(Izayoi)

“If it’s Izayoi i don’t mind. I’m serious about you so please be serious about me. I haven’t fallen in love with you yet but i know if we spend more days together I will. You are what my heart and soul yearn for… Mhm Good night Izayoi…”(Lucina)

This girl… how determined. Also so embarassing… i want to embrace her. No i will embrace her. I hold her body tightly in my arms. I will try my best to get to know you so try your best to get to know me.

“Goodnight Lucina. I try my hardest as well…”(Izayoi)More…

Heaven’s Scourge ch.6

The first thing i assigned Cordelica to do was was to do squats and get used to shifting her weight on her legs. She messed up but this is to be expected atleast she didn’t give up. I told her to sleep as we would do the rest in the morning but she tried to do it on her own. I couldn’t get mad at her when she’s trying hard but i told her that her body would need rest.

In the morning i had her swing [Moonlight] and get used to its weight. After 100 swings i had her balance while holding on to [Moonlight]. She really had a hard time on this but she got used to it slowly but surely. Then i had her swing [Moonlight] to get used to having to swing while not being balanced. She didn’t get it down but she had slow progress as she managed to balance a few seconds longer each time.

Im the afternoon we had a quick break to eat. Then i had her spar with me. Of course she was easily defeated but i could tell this girl had a gift for swords. For her first spar. I saw slight traces of “Man-sword unification” or the point where the sword becomes like an arm to you. It took me 3 months to get a slight slighy trace but it took her a day.

I had told her that if she hit me even once i would get her anything that she wanted. It really seemed to motivate her. Then i had her get in Dragon Stance, the stance i use, but i had to fix it just for her body so it became something new so i named it the Phoenix Stance. It must have been really embarassing for her since i had to touch her legs, thighs, and hips to put them in the right place.More…

Heaven’s Scourge ch.5

Its been an hour since Cordelica has entered the mansion. I wonder if negotiations are going well. I hope they are. Ah someone’s coming out. Eh wait isn’t this the current king of Phoenix?

“I see so you’re the boy who rescued my daughter.”(Phoenix King)

“Yes Sir.”(Izayoi)

“Dad don’t bully Izayoi.”(Cordelica)

“Haha don’t worry i won’t i have nothing but respect for the one who risked their life to save my daughter.”(Phoenix King)

“So come in Izayoi i want to start training right away.”(Cordelica)

I start to walk towards her but the King starts punching at me. With my reaction time I’m able to dodge just in time.

“Dad what are you doing!?”(Cordelica)

“Even with my spies i have never seen this boy. With those skills he must’ve been raised by some assasination group.”(Phoenix King)

“I see then I geuss I’ll have to take my leave King. Goodbye Cordelica.”(Izayoi)

Even though i was happy to stay with her i geuss i can’t. Ah she’s running towards me.More…

Heaven’s Scourge ch 4

I had finally started my journey to the Divine Pheonix Kingdom. Before leaving i had to go back home to get my sword. What i found was that Restia had actually left me more gifts before she left. I really love her. I picked up what she left she left a skill books and a sword. The skill book was [The Dragon God’s Fighting Armor] The sword she left me was called [Jet Black Heaven Piercing Sword].Jet Black just like the color of her hair. I’ll make sure to cherish these gifts.

Status:                                                             Izayoi  Lv1.                                                     Strength:850(5,500)                                   Defense:950(5,500)                                     Agility:850(5,500)                                         Magic:350(3,500)                                         Charm:100                                                     Luck:100                                                          [Unique Abilities]:[???]-Unknown Abilities.     [The Dragon God’s Fighting Armor]: Scale armor appears on your body boosting all of your statuses by 1,000. (LV.1)

[Skills]: [Disguise]- able to hide your level and status. 

Equipment:[Moonlight]-A white blade with a black hilt, a katana. [Jet Black Heaven Piercing Sword] LongSword rumored to be used by the Dragon God herself. Its powers were strong enough to be able to defy the heavens.

Ah when she gets back i really do need to show her my love. She gave me such valuable things. Don’t worry Restia when you get back I’ll definetely be able to use your sword to its full potential. Now it time to head for the Divine Phoenix Kingdom.

It took me around 1 month to get to the border of the Divine Phoenix. It was a medium sized town called Sacred City. On the way here i didn’t really experience anything crazy. No demon beasts dared to approach me. It was easy sailing for me. My only difficulty was finding food and water.

My first task was looking for an inn to stay. I found one called the Sleeping Tiger Inn. Cheapest room was 10 copper coins. Average room was 50 copper coins and Expensive rooms were 1 silver coin.

I asked for a cheap room but then i noticed. Even though i knew the currency which is 100 copper coins=1 silver coin, 100 silver coins= 1 gold coin. I had never touched the actual money itself. Even now i haven’t that means im broke and have no money. Wait how am i gonna get a room!?More…

Heaven’s Scourge ch.3

Restia’s training could easily be called hell. I didnt know how many times i had faced death in the face. To the me who was never used to confronting death it was the most terrifying experience in my life. Im sure i had pissed my pants the first 20 times i had to fight against demon beasts. Restia had said that to make good use of my strength i had to get used to killing and fighting. I needed to be merciless and kill those standing in my way to be successful in thise life.

Now its my 100th fight against the demon beasts. The strongest demon beast i fought so far was a golden-fur lion. Its level was 30 and it possesed the ability quick counter. Quick counter let it use it opponents attack against them and doubled the speed and power of the original attack. I had nearly lost my life a couple times if i wasnt lucky enough to have a quick reaction time.

One year has passed since my first encounter with Restia. Now im 8 years old. It seems my mind has also reverted somewhat. I seem to be liking flatter chests now. Maybe it might be because im with Restia too much and have become attracted to her.

It also seems that Restia no longer ages. It seems that due to her previous power she can no longer age. Even though her power is gone she still hasn’t aged a bit. Speaking of Restia she seems to be calling my name.More…

Heaven’s Scourge ch.2

“Wake up Izayoi.”(Restia)

I heard a beautiful voice calling for me. I could feel myself smiling. Am I really this happy just from someone calling my name? All i could remember from my past life was that the only times my name would be called would be by other deliquents looking for a fight or classmates who would spread rumors about me.

I suddenly felt pain as Restia was pulling my ear.

“Ow ow ow stop. Restia stop. Please.”(Izayoi)

“You didn’t wake up when i first called you so this is your punishment.”(Restia)

“I get it. I get it. Im sorry next time i’ll get up on your first call.”(Izayoi)

“Good. Now hurry up since you have no memories I’ll have to start teaching you about this world.”(Restia)

Restia went on to tell me about this world. This world’s name is Eden. Eden is split into 3 continents. These continents are the Dragon Continent, called Sky Continent by the humans.Then there is the Holy Continent, called the Heaven Continent by the humans. Lastly there is The Domain of The Gods, most humans do not know that it exists. The ones who do are extremely powerful people in the Holy Continent. It seems that the people of the Sky Continent do not know the Holy Continent exists, let alone The Domain of The Gods.

The Domain of The Gods is where all the beings that have surpassed level 100 reside. Restia told me that the Domain of the Gods is split into the 3 main levels and then 3 sub levels. The 3 main levels are 100s, 200s, and 300s. Each sub level is split into lower, middle, and upper.

The Heaven Continent is split into 3 kingdoms. The Divine Kingdom which is on the eastern side. The Sea Kingdom in the middle. Lastly its the Moon Kingdom on the western side. Each kingdom has 20 lower Lv100s God and 1 lower Lv200 God as its head. The 3 kingdoms are in constant stalemate as they believe if they try to fight each other the last kingdom will come in and destroy the other two. Restia also told me that even the person with the lowest talent can atleast reach level 30.More…