Heaven’s Scourge ch 7

I didn’t think that sleeping in Lucina’s room wouldn’t be too hard. I was wrong. Really really wrong. She’s a cuddler as well but she get’s way too close. Her lips are a few centimeters away from me. It’d be bad if this continues or if someone walks in on us.

“Hehe. You look so nervous Izayoi. I wonder why?”(Lucina)

This girl she really is annoying. I should tease her back too.

“I was trying to hold myself back with kissing you…”(Izayoi)

Lucina turned bright red. Yes mission accomplished she might try to fire back so i have to prepare.

“You don’t have to hold back. Since i saw how you were… i decided i will you you my heart and soul. My body is included in that as well.”(Lucina)

She’s bright red. She said such an embarassing thing… even I’m blushing. If she actually means it I might lose control. I lightly hold her head and then turn around.

“If you say such a thing some guys might lose control and do what they want.”(Izayoi)

“If it’s Izayoi i don’t mind. I’m serious about you so please be serious about me. I haven’t fallen in love with you yet but i know if we spend more days together I will. You are what my heart and soul yearn for… Mhm Good night Izayoi…”(Lucina)

This girl… how determined. Also so embarassing… i want to embrace her. No i will embrace her. I hold her body tightly in my arms. I will try my best to get to know you so try your best to get to know me.

“Goodnight Lucina. I try my hardest as well…”(Izayoi)More…


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