Heaven’s Scourge ch.6

The first thing i assigned Cordelica to do was was to do squats and get used to shifting her weight on her legs. She messed up but this is to be expected atleast she didn’t give up. I told her to sleep as we would do the rest in the morning but she tried to do it on her own. I couldn’t get mad at her when she’s trying hard but i told her that her body would need rest.

In the morning i had her swing [Moonlight] and get used to its weight. After 100 swings i had her balance while holding on to [Moonlight]. She really had a hard time on this but she got used to it slowly but surely. Then i had her swing [Moonlight] to get used to having to swing while not being balanced. She didn’t get it down but she had slow progress as she managed to balance a few seconds longer each time.

Im the afternoon we had a quick break to eat. Then i had her spar with me. Of course she was easily defeated but i could tell this girl had a gift for swords. For her first spar. I saw slight traces of “Man-sword unification” or the point where the sword becomes like an arm to you. It took me 3 months to get a slight slighy trace but it took her a day.

I had told her that if she hit me even once i would get her anything that she wanted. It really seemed to motivate her. Then i had her get in Dragon Stance, the stance i use, but i had to fix it just for her body so it became something new so i named it the Phoenix Stance. It must have been really embarassing for her since i had to touch her legs, thighs, and hips to put them in the right place.More…


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