Heaven’s Scourge ch.8

This is the first time i had visited the shopping district. There were alot of couples in this town. It seemed as if Lucina noticed this too and wrapped her arms around mine.

“I don’t want to de different from the others. So lets consider this as a pretend date. Or should it be an actual date ♡?”(Lucina)

“An actual date? I’d be fine with that. It’s my first date so I’m sorry if you have a bad time?”(Izayoi)

This girl is really innocent. But at times can tease. Truly a fun girl. I feel like i’d never get bored around her.

“Mhm. It’s alright Izayoi I could never have a bad time around you! Izayoi look at this dress it so pretty. Do you think it’d look good on me?”(Lucina)

Honestly i think anything would look good on her. But i think a blue dress would fit her well. It’d go great with her blue hair and azure eyes.

“Anything would look great on you Lucina. I think that this blue dress would look great on you.”(Izayoi)

“Alright Izayoi let’s go in I want to try it on.”(Lucina)

“Yeah i’ll wait for you to get changed. Or do you want me to follow you in?”(Izayoi)

Grabbing my hand and lightly pulling me she playfully said

“Come in if you want.”(Lucina)

“Alright you win this time hurry up and get changed. I want to see you in your dress.”(Izayoi)



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