Heaven’s Scourge ch.0

Lin was just an ordinary 13 year old teen. He enjoyed talking to his friends and did above average on his tests. Yes he was just an ordinary kid, well that is if he had friends. Lin is actually an extremely shy kid and had trouble making friends. He usually got 100’s on his tests since he only had homework to pass the time since he had no one to talk too. He had always wanted to make friends but due to his quiet nature he just seemed like a loner to his classmates and no one had wanted to interact with Lin who had been labeled as the “wierd” kid. Eventually at age 16 Lin had finally adjusted to this and had adopted a “be nice to me and i’ll be nice to you, be mean to me and i’ll be mean to you” nature. Instead of being the quiet and wierd kid, Lin had now become the class deliquent. His blonde hair and 6’2 height had added to his looks as a deliquent. His arrogant attitude and pride had made him one of the schools most hated people. However to other people it seemed to have no effect on Lin in the slightest as in their eyes Lin was now a person who only cared about himself. However deep inside Lin had still wanted to make friends but his pride made him reject the world before the world could reject him. His family did not help Lin in the slightest as his family had always been a dysfuctional family who acted like strangers. These factors were what had lead Lin to make his final wish on Earth before he died saving a dog from being hit by a car. Lin’s last wish: To be reborn in a new world and to be the person he wanted to truly be. And so his wish was granted and he was reborn in Eden.                                   Next