Heaven’s Scourge ch.1

I awakened drowsy and unaware of my surroundings. I didnt have a clue as to where i was. All i remember was that i was reincarnated into another world but i dont have many memories from my past life.

“Hmmm, i didnt expect a human to be so daring to come this deep in. Huh you’re only a small child!?”(???)

I seem to have been spotted by a small girl who looks 8. She has pitch black hair and azure blue eyes, beautiful white skin. She’s also wearing a black dress. If i were to rate her by my previous world’s standards when she’d grow up her looks would be among the top.

“Tell me brat whats your name. I wanna know the name of the human child who’s brave enough to enter the Dragon God’s territory.”(???)

Name? Ah i can’t even remember the name from my past life. Dragon God’s territory? I seem to have woken up in a dangerous place.

“I don’t have a name. Atleast not one that i can’t remember.”(Lin)

“Can’t remember your name? I see so its amnesia. Well then since you’re not a threat I’ll take you under my wing. Hmm lets see tonights a waning moon. So lets call you Izayoi which means the 16th night of the moon or a waning moon.”(???)

Izayoi. I like the sound of that name. Im also glad i found someone nice as her. Wait can someone like her even take care of me?

“Thank you for taking care of me. I’ll gladly follow you but can you even protect us. I’m not certain i can protect us but im pretty sure i can atleast let you run away if things get bad.”(Izayoi)

“HAHAHA. Of course i can gurantee our safety. Right now we’re in the deepest parts of the Dragon God’s territory. Do you know what that means?”(???)

We’re in the deepest parts?!! But wouldnt that mean that we’d be in the Dragon Gods Sacred Grounds.

But there’s no dragon in sight. Does this mean this girl is strong enough to scare the Dragon God.It cant be that she’s the Dragon God. Thats impossible. It has to be. Right?

“It means that your strong enough to scare the Dragon God away right!? I also havent asked for your name. I want to know since you are my savior.”(Izayoi)

“HAHAHA. Boy, you are an amusing one. I was right to not kill you right away. Im glad i took you in under my wing. I am Restia Jaeger, The Dragon God.”(Restia)

Ehhhh? She really was the Dragon God. Well it doesnt really matter since she saved me. But she certainly did say quite a scary thing. To think she would’ve killed me right away…

I had also noticed that i had smiled. I had smiled from seeing Restia’s laughing and smiling face. I thought that i was quite lucky to have met this girl, Restia. I had thought that if im with this girl there is truly a chance to be happy unlike how i was in my past life.

With a bright smile i had said to her

“Thank you Restia. I’m Izayoi, i’ll be under your care from now on.”(Izayoi)

“Nice to meet you as well Izayoi. Follow me to my home and lets rest for now. We’ll talk about our plans in the morning.”(Restia)

“Yeah I’m really tired now. Thank you again Restia. I’ll forever be grateful to you.”(Izayoi)

“Eh? But i haven’t really done much for you. I don’t that much gratitude.”(Restia)

“Haha, you’ve done much more than you think you have Restia.”(Izayoi)

“… let’s get some sleep.”(Restia)

Ehh? Did i just see Restia blush a little bit? Is she not used to complements or gratitude. But she’s a super beauty doesn’t she recieve alot of complements? Then two words pop into my head. DRAGON GOD. Thats probably why there arent alot of people chasing her.

These were the thoughts that filled my head as my first meeting with Restia had ended and i was finally now drifting off to sleep. Next