Heaven’s Scourge ch.2

“Wake up Izayoi.”(Restia)

I heard a beautiful voice calling for me. I could feel myself smiling. Am I really this happy just from someone calling my name? All i could remember from my past life was that the only times my name would be called would be by other deliquents looking for a fight or classmates who would spread rumors about me.

I suddenly felt pain as Restia was pulling my ear.

“Ow ow ow stop. Restia stop. Please.”(Izayoi)

“You didn’t wake up when i first called you so this is your punishment.”(Restia)

“I get it. I get it. Im sorry next time i’ll get up on your first call.”(Izayoi)

“Good. Now hurry up since you have no memories I’ll have to start teaching you about this world.”(Restia)

Restia went on to tell me about this world. This world’s name is Eden. Eden is split into 3 continents. These continents are the Dragon Continent, called Sky Continent by the humans.Then there is the Holy Continent, called the Heaven Continent by the humans. Lastly there is The Domain of The Gods, most humans do not know that it exists. The ones who do are extremely powerful people in the Holy Continent. It seems that the people of the Sky Continent do not know the Holy Continent exists, let alone The Domain of The Gods.

The Domain of The Gods is where all the beings that have surpassed level 100 reside. Restia told me that the Domain of the Gods is split into the 3 main levels and then 3 sub levels. The 3 main levels are 100s, 200s, and 300s. Each sub level is split into lower, middle, and upper.

The Heaven Continent is split into 3 kingdoms. The Divine Kingdom which is on the eastern side. The Sea Kingdom in the middle. Lastly its the Moon Kingdom on the western side. Each kingdom has 20 lower Lv100s God and 1 lower Lv200 God as its head. The 3 kingdoms are in constant stalemate as they believe if they try to fight each other the last kingdom will come in and destroy the other two. Restia also told me that even the person with the lowest talent can atleast reach level 30.

Lastly its the the Sky Continent. Before when it was widely called the Dragon continent it used to be able to evenly go against the Domain of the Gods due to the unique abilities the humans and beasts of the Dragon Continent had. Then the Domain of The Gods and the Holy Continent teamed up to destroy Restia. Restia had to use her full power to stop the advancements of those 2 powers. The price Restia paid was that she no longer could use her dragon powers and had returned to a regular human. Even though Restia returned to a human she is still insanely strong as her level is 100. But she can no longer break past level 100.

As time went on the unique abilities eventually went away until there were only 6 unique bloodlines left. These 6 eventually established the current kingdoms in the Sky continent.The royal families were the only ones that held the bloodlines but as time went on they got weaker and weaker until now were they barely exist. From strongest to least strongest the order of the 6 kingdoms went from:

The Divine Rat Kingdom. Their special ability allowed them to devour anything in their path and turn it into precious materials.

The Kingdom of Judgement. Their ability let them control anyone weaker than them.

The Kingdom of Undying Blood. They had an increased life span and could regenerate or heal even the most serious of wounds.

The Holy Flame Kingdom. They could make an insanely strong flame. Some could use it to strengthen their bodies or weapons. Some could use it to support others. These flames could even heal wounds.

The Divine Boar Kingdom. They had insane strength and could easily destroy others with their insane strength. They also had a terrifying defense.

Lastly it was the Divine Phoenix clan. They had a long life line, could heal any wounds, and could use even the strongest of flames that could never be put out unless told to. However there were no longer any people capable of this. Most became high class black smiths with the flames they could make.

The Divine Rat Kingdom was to the North. The Kingdom of Undying Blood and Divine Boar Kingdom to the West. Kingdom of Judgement and The Divine Phoenix Kingdom to the South. The Holy Flame Kingdom was to the East. In the middle of these kingdoms was the Dragon God’s territory.

The average person in these kingdoms barely made it to level 15. The ones with high talent to level 30. The rulers of each kingdom had made it to level 50 while most royal family members varied from 35-40. High official ranged from 35-45. Even the person with lowest talents in the blood lines made it to level 25.

“Izayoi im going to look at your level now. Say [show status].”(Restia)

I did as she said and i said [show status]

Izayoi Lv.1

Strength:5,500                                                 Defense:5,500                                                   Agility:5,500                                                     Magic:3,500                                                       Luck:100                                                             Charm:100

Unique Abilities: [???] Unknown power.


Kinda scared from Restia’s screaming i shyly asked her

“What’s with my stats are they too low?”(Izayoi)

“Not low but they’re way too high for a Lv1. A level 50 can reach these stats usually depending on what they’re good at. But your Strength, Agility, and Defense are at a Lv55 strength. Your magic is at a Lv35 strength. What kind of a monster are you to have these stats.(Restia)

“I don’t even know myself. But i can promise you i’ll protect you once i level up.”(Izayoi)

From my words i can see Restia blushing.

“Only say those words to me when you can protect me. Sheesh to even have an unknown unique ability… well then i geuss i should start training you then since power without skill is meaningless. Izayoi follow me.”(Restia)

This is when my hellish training with Restia began.Next