Heaven’s Scourge ch.3

Restia’s training could easily be called hell. I didnt know how many times i had faced death in the face. To the me who was never used to confronting death it was the most terrifying experience in my life. Im sure i had pissed my pants the first 20 times i had to fight against demon beasts. Restia had said that to make good use of my strength i had to get used to killing and fighting. I needed to be merciless and kill those standing in my way to be successful in this life.

Now its my 100th fight against the demon beasts. The strongest demon beast i fought so far was a golden-fur lion. Its level was 30 and it possesed the ability quick counter. Quick counter let it use it opponents attack against them and doubled the speed and power of the original attack. I had nearly lost my life a couple times if i wasnt lucky enough to have a quick reaction time.

One year has passed since my first encounter with Restia. Now im 8 years old. It seems my mind has also reverted somewhat. I seem to be liking flatter chests now. Maybe it might be because im with Restia too much and have become attracted to her.

It also seems that Restia no longer ages. It seems that due to her previous power she can no longer age. Even though her power is gone she still hasn’t aged a bit. Speaking of Restia she seems to be calling my name.

“Izayoi I have important news.”(Restia)

“What is it? You don’t seem to be excited or panicking so it can’t be good or bad.”(Izayoi)

“My how observant. I have to go visit The Domain of The Gods. I expect the trip to take atleast an year or maybe more.”(Restia)

“What!? An year how am i gonna spend an year without you. I can barely last a day.”(Izayoi)

“Brat you’re far too young to fall in love with me. Besides it’s good for you to be on your own. I’ll give you a map I have and you can travel wherever you want while I’m gone.”(Restia)

My flirting with Restia bothered her at first but now its seems that she’a gotten used to it.

“Fine. I geuss i can do it. When are you planning to leave?”(Izayoi)

“I’m leaving in about 30 minutes.Sorry for not telling you earlier. I didn’t know how to tell you.”(Restia)

“30 minutes? That’s way too soon. I was gonna get my heart prepared for you to leave. I didn’t think it’d be so soon. I don’t think my heart would be able to take it.(Izayoi)

“Oi, stop kidding around. I know you’ll be fine without me. Also here’s a [SkillBook]. It contains the Skill [Disguise]. It’s a skill that can disguise your level. I think you should change your level to 5 or 8.”(Restia)

Following Restia’s instuctions i change my level to 8.

[Status]                                                           Izayoi Lv8                                                       Strength:850 (5,500)                                   Defense:950  (5,500)                                   Magic:400  (3,500)                                       Agility:850 (5,500)                                       Charm:100                                                     Luck:100                                                         

Unique Abilities:[???]: Unknown

Skills:[Disguise]: Hides Level

“Wait Restia if i can use [Disguise] doesn’t that mean that everyone who knows it can hide their actual level?”(Izayoi)

“A nice question Izayoi. [Disguise] is actually a lost skill. No one besides you should know about ita existence here in the Sky Continent. In the Heaven Continent there perhaps may be others who know of it.”(Restia)

I should also plan about where to go. From where we are now we are closest to the Divine Phoenix Kingdom. I made my choice. The closest place is the best place.

“Alright then Izayoi. I need to get going. I’ll see you when i get back. So make sure to get strong by the time i get back.”(Restia)

Saying these words Restia then gives me a kiss on my forehead. From her expression i can also see that she doesn’t want to leave me alone. Man i think i truly have fallen in love with her.

“Mhm when you get back I’ll definetely be strong and take you out to many places.”(Izayoi)

“Haha okay that’s a promise. Bye Izayoi.”(Izayoi)

“Bye Restia. I’ll miss you.”(Izayoi)

Restia then left and i was now alone in the place we called home. I felt like crying. The one person i could depend on left. But i made my resolve i will go out and explore the world. So that when Restia gets back I’ll show her the beautiful scenes i saw.

With these words of promise ringing in my mind i left in the direction of the Divine Phoenix Kingdom. The place where my journey will begin. I hope i can also meet fantastic people during my journey. So i can introduce them to Restia.Next