Heaven’s Scourge ch.4

I had finally started my journey to the Divine Pheonix Kingdom. Before leaving i had to go back home to get my sword. What i found was that Restia had actually left me more gifts before she left. I really love her. I picked up what she left she left a skill books and a sword. The skill book was [The Dragon God’s Fighting Armor] The sword she left me was called [Jet Black Heaven Piercing Sword].Jet Black just like the color of her hair. I’ll make sure to cherish these gifts.

Status:                                                             Izayoi  Lv1.                                                     Strength:850(5,500)                                   Defense:950(5,500)                                     Agility:850(5,500)                                         Magic:350(3,500)                                         Charm:100                                                     Luck:100                                                          [Unique Abilities]:[???]-Unknown Abilities.     [The Dragon God’s Fighting Armor]: Scale armor appears on your body boosting all of your statuses by 1,000. (LV.1)

[Skills]: [Disguise]- able to hide your level and status. 

Equipment:[Moonlight]-A white blade with a black hilt, a katana. [Jet Black Heaven Piercing Sword] LongSword rumored to be used by the Dragon God herself. Its powers were strong enough to be able to defy the heavens.

Ah when she gets back i really do need to show her my love. She gave me such valuable things. Don’t worry Restia when you get back I’ll definetely be able to use your sword to its full potential. Now it time to head for the Divine Phoenix Kingdom.

It took me around 1 month to get to the border of the Divine Phoenix. It was a medium sized town called Sacred City. On the way here i didn’t really experience anything crazy. No demon beasts dared to approach me. It was easy sailing for me. My only difficulty was finding food and water.

My first task was looking for an inn to stay. I found one called the Sleeping Tiger Inn. Cheapest room was 10 copper coins. Average room was 50 copper coins and Expensive rooms were 1 silver coin.

I asked for a cheap room but then i noticed. Even though i knew the currency which is 100 copper coins=1 silver coin, 100 silver coins= 1 gold coin. I had never touched the actual money itself. Even now i haven’t that means im broke and have no money. Wait how am i gonna get a room!?

I begged for a job but they said they don’t accept the homeless and poor. They then proceeded to kick me out.I had then wandered in an alley in my wondering amd had gotten lost. At this time i hear footsteps coming my direction. Its a man in all black carrying a small girl my age who had fiery red hair and was wearing a white dress with scarlet floral patterns.

“Someone help me please! He’s kidnapping me! I wanna go home!”(Small Girl)

“Shut up little girl you don’t want my knife in your throat do you? Don’t worry however once we get back i’ll take care of you in bed. I prefer small girls like you.”(Kidnapper)

Hearing his words i was filled with bloodlust. He was scum. I prepared [MoonLight] and got in stance. He also seemed to have noticed me now

“Kid don’t think a level 8 like you can stand against a level 16 like me.”(Kidnapper)

I activated [The Dragon God’s Fighting Armor]. I was now wearing the Jet Black armor all over my body. With this i can say its my unique ability and won’t be suspected.

I lunged at him. It seems he didn’t expect me to be so quick and i had quickly reached him and had pierced his throat with [Moonlight].

Levels don’t really mean much unless if its by a difference of 10 or more. Even then it relies on skill. An unskilled level 50 can still be killed by a skilled level 1. It just makes it easier for the level 50 to kill the level 1. What matters the most is the persons skill.

I deactivated my armor for now.Lets get the girl back to her family. Wait i just showed this girl such a gruesome scene is she ok? Eh she’s not that surprised or shocked?

“Hey little girl I’m sorry i showed you such a gross scene. Let’s go I’ll take you back to your family.”(Izayoi)

“I’m around the same age as you so don’t call me little. My name’s also Cordelica. And I’m used to scenes like these since i often had assasins come after me.”(Cordelica)

Eh she’s often had assasins come after her. It seems this girls background isn’t simple.

“Is that so? Well then just follow me I keep you safe until you get home.”(Izayoi)


“Eh what is it?”(Izayoi)

“What’s your name? I wanna know the name of the person who saved me.”(Cordelica)

With a blushing face she said that. Huh this girl is quite cute. Well i have Restia so it doesn’t really matter.

“My name is Izayoi. I don’t have a family name since i don’t have parents.”(Izayoi)

“Izayoi? That’s a really nice name. I’m Cordelica Vermillion.”(Cordelica)

Eh her family name is Vermillion. Isn’t Vermillion the royal family in the Divine Phoenix Kingdom. Well i geuss i should talk with her more. It’d be boring if it was a quiet trip.

“So Cordelica how old are you?”(Izayoi)

“I’m 7 years old. What about you Izayoi how old are you?”(Cordelica)

“Im 8 years old. So how’s life like with the royal family”(Izayoi)

“Eh you knew i was in the royal family? Was that the only reason you saved me?”(Cordelica)

“No you’re family name is Vermillion. Only the royal family has that name. And i just knew that when you told me. I would’ve saved you either way whether you’re a Vermillion or not.”(Izayoi)

“I see. Sorry for suspecting you. Also Izayoi I have a request for you”(Izayoi)

“It’s fine Cordelica. What’s the request? If its within my power I’ll certainly do it.”(Izayoi)

“Then can you teach me how to use a sword?”(Cordelica)

“Mhmm. How long would i have to teach you for?”(Izayoi)

“Until I master it.”(Cordelica)

“Until you master it!? That’ll take a long time… I’m sorry Cordelica but I plan to travel to all the kingdoms to explore.”(Izayoi)

“Please Izayoi. I want to learn how to protect myself and no one wants to teach me. I can give you a place to stay and a good pay. There are also the other children of the kingdoms here in Sacred City right now too. If you get along with them you can have a good place to stay in all the kingdoms.”(Cordelica)

Honestly pay and a place to stay don’t really matter to me. Neither does meeting the other princesses or princes or any other royal member. The only point i care about was her reason. To protect herself. How can i turn down a request like that. She wants to get stronger by her own determination. I will teach her to the best of my abilities.

“Alright I’ll teach you. But you have to promise me one thing.”(Izayoi)

“Yes what is it? I’ll accept any request even if it is marrying you.”(Cordelica)

She said that with a cute blushing face.

“I won’t do anything like that. I want you to stay determined and keep wanting to grow stronger. I also want you to pass my knowledge down to anyone who you think deserves it and are looking to grow stronger for a good cause.”(Izayoi)

“Heheh thats two promises. But I’ll happily accept both. Well then Izayoi lets go home. From now on its your home too.”(Cordelica)

My home too huh. I geuss it won’t be too bad going with her.

“Mhm yeah lets go. Lets go to my new home.”(Izayoi)

“I also have one more request? Can you hold my hand on the way there…”(Cordelica)

She’s as red as a tomato. No wait she’s like a little chili.

“Alright let’s go home you little red chili.”(Izayoi)

“Did you just call me a little red chili? Even if you are my teacher we’re the same age so im not little! Im also not a red chili! I’ll bite you next time you say it”(Cordelica)

“The little red chili is fiesty huh?”(Izayoi)

Then there’s pain running through my cheek. EHHHHH! SHE ACTUALLY BIT ME. EHHHH! NOW SHE KISSED ME ON THE CHEEK?

“The bite was for calling me little red chili. The kiss was for saving me. Thank…you…Izayoi…”(Cordelica)

Even though she was blushing hard and that last part was barely inaudible it still touched my heart. I can tell i won’t regret this decision. We finally stopped.

“We’re here Izayoi. Let me go talk to papa he’s probably worried.”(Cordelica)

I’m quite nervous about this. I hope it turns out well. All i can do is hope that Cordelica explains the situation well.