Heaven’s Scourge ch.5

Its been an hour since Cordelica has entered the mansion. I wonder if negotiations are going well. I hope they are. Ah someone’s coming out. Eh wait isn’t this the current king of Phoenix?

“I see so you’re the boy who rescued my daughter.”(Phoenix King)

“Yes Sir.”(Izayoi)

“Dad don’t bully Izayoi.”(Cordelica)

“Haha don’t worry i won’t i have nothing but respect for the one who risked their life to save my daughter.”(Phoenix King)

“So come in Izayoi i want to start training right away.”(Cordelica)

I start to walk towards her but the King starts punching at me. With my reaction time I’m able to dodge just in time.

“Dad what are you doing!?”(Cordelica)

“Even with my spies i have never seen this boy. With those skills he must’ve been raised by some assasination group.”(Phoenix King)

“I see then I geuss I’ll have to take my leave King. Goodbye Cordelica.”(Izayoi)

Even though i was happy to stay with her i geuss i can’t. Ah she’s running towards me.

“Dad if you won’t let Izayoi stay then I’ll go with him.(Cordelica)

“Cordelica thank you. Really it means alot. But you’re father loves you dearly so he can’t take any chances. So go on go back to him.Here I’ll give you my sword [MoonLight].”(Izayoi)

“But Izayoi… i don’t want you to leave.”(Cordelica)

Ahh now she’s hugging me. She really got attached to me. Perhaps this is the suspension bridge effect.

“Izayoi. I can see you are a good man. That right now was a test. You have the skills and nature to make my daughter into a great swordswoman. Although i won’t let you two marry until you get enough militarial merits. Understand Izayoi?”(Phoenix King)

“Yes Sir. Thank you King. However please do note that i may have to go out on explorations at times.”(Izayoi)

“Understood. I’ll be expecting great things from you Izayoi.”(Phoenix King)

“Wait what was that about marriage? And Izayoi why did you agree so fast. Eh? It can’t be? Did you fall in love with me and my beauty that quick?”(Cordelica)

“Stop messing around just be happy that I’m your master now”(Izayoi)

This girl has learned how to flirt and tease. I gave her a light tap on the head to stop her.

“Yes master. I’ll listen to your every command ♡.”(Cordelica)

“Oi. I told you to stop. And i won’t command you to to do this things…”(Izayoi)

“Ohhh. What things were you talking about Izayoi?”(Cordelica)

“It’s nothing…”(Izayoi)

Damn this girl is making me blush. I fell straight into her trap. This cunning girl.

“HAHAHA. It seems I’m going to have a great son in law.”(Phoenix King)

“Yeah you will. We gotta wait until we’re older however.”(Izayoi)

“Eh? Izayoi you were serious? Eh? I-I’m not ready for m-m-marriage yet. Please give me time to… fall in…love with…you…”(Cordelica)

“I’ll give her as much time as you need my little red chili.”(Izayoi)

Cordelica’s blushing face is seriously way too cute.

“Hey stop calling me a little red chili. Wait I’m not even yours yet either. Well it’s not like I’m…against…it…”(Cordelica)

Oi this is trouble if this keeps up i might actually end up falling for her.

“HAHA. Well then let’s go inside and get you settled in.”(Phoenix King)

We all go in. It’s such a big house. It’s almost like a mansion. It seems like this building is for something special.

“Ah you’re probably wondering what this house is for. This house is a meeting house for the 6 Kingdoms. Currently I’m the only king here but in a few days the rest will be coming along with the main princes and princesses. Each Kingdom is having a competition to see who has the most skilled swordsmen. The princes and princesses will be fighting each other to determinine who places as the strongest. The Instructors will also be fighting to see who is the strongest. No one had wanted to join our Divine Phoenix Kingdom as the instructor but now we have you.”(Phoenix King)

Is he a mind reader? Also such a heavy burden has been placed on me so early.

“We also have only one competitor. That will be my daughter Cordelica. The others were afraid of fighting and bringing shame to the kingdom. But being cowards shows that they have already brought disgrace and shame to th kingdom. Phoenix has always ranked last in this tournament for such a long time. I hope you and Cordelica can change this.”(Phoenix King)

“Don’t worry Father i will without a doubt win 1st since i have Izayoi with me.”(Cordelica)

“Thanks for having so much trust in me Cordelica but never be too confident in yourself. I have also not witnessed the sword styles of the other kingdoms. They will also be having master swordsmen. I will teach you everything i know. It will be up to you and your skills to win the battles. So you always have to be on guard against the enemy. Even if they are far weaker than you.”(Izayoi)

“Yes. I’m sorry and I understand.”(Cordelica)

“Ok good. So what are the rankings from last year King?”(Izayoi)

“First place was the Divine Rat Kingdom. Second place was the Divine Boar Kingdom. Third place was The Kingdom of Judgement. Fourth place was The Holy Flame Kingdom. Fifth place was The Kingdom of Undying Blood. Last place was our Divine Phoenix Kingdom.”(Phoenix King)

“I see so our strongest opponent will be the Divine Rat Kingdom… sorry King but me and Cordelica must go I will start training her immediately.”(Izayoi)

“Yes thank you Izayoi.”(Phoenix King)

“No thank you for giving me a home and a wonderful new friend. Let’s go Cordelica.”(Izayoi)

I throw [Moonlight] to her. She stumbles but manages to catch it. It’ll be tough but i’ll make surw to train her well.

“Izayoi what is this for?”(Cordelica)

“This sword [Moonlight] is now yours. You will learn about [Moonlight] and it will learn about you. Eventually it will be like an arm to you. It will be your trusted partner got it?”(Izayoi)

“Yes i understand. Hehe my first gift from Izayoi ♡”(Cordelica)

I didn’t hear the last part, probably not too important. She’s really smiling and blushing alot. Does she like [Moonlight] that much? Well whatever. Wait where do i sleep?

“Uhhh King where will i be sleeping?”(Izayoi)

“There are no more rooms available. You’re going to have to sleep together with Cordelica.”(King)

Eh? This is going to be troublesome. Cordelica is already blushing. She has turned into her red chili mode.  Also how will i be able to sleep. I feel wierd sleeping with another girl in the room. Restia always slept in another room.

“I see. Izayoi please take good care of my in bed…”(Cordelica)

I lightly hit her on the head.

“I won’t do things like that besides we’re too young. I’m also going to train you starting at night so get ready for then. Let’s go get dinner.”(Izayoi)

“Yes Izayoi.”(Cordelica)

She blushes and shows such a bright smile while carrying [Moonlight]. What a cute girl. I also have to prepare for the night. I have no clue what to teach her. Well i geuss i should teach her what Restia taught me. But i have to teach her in two weeks what i learned in a year. This is gonna be trouble. Well i’ll think more about it after dinner.