Heaven’s Scourge ch.6

The first thing i assigned Cordelica to do was was to do squats and get used to shifting her weight on her legs. She messed up but this is to be expected atleast she didn’t give up. I told her to sleep as we would do the rest in the morning but she tried to do it on her own. I couldn’t get mad at her when she’s trying hard but i told her that her body would need rest.

In the morning i had her swing [Moonlight] and get used to its weight. After 100 swings i had her balance while holding on to [Moonlight]. She really had a hard time on this but she got used to it slowly but surely. Then i had her swing [Moonlight] to get used to having to swing while not being balanced. She didn’t get it down but she had slow progress as she managed to balance a few seconds longer each time.

Im the afternoon we had a quick break to eat. Then i had her spar with me. Of course she was easily defeated but i could tell this girl had a gift for swords. For her first spar. I saw slight traces of “Man-sword unification” or the point where the sword becomes like an arm to you. It took me 3 months to get a slight slighy trace but it took her a day.

I had told her that if she hit me even once i would get her anything that she wanted. It really seemed to motivate her. Then i had her get in Dragon Stance, the stance i use, but i had to fix it just for her body so it became something new so i named it the Phoenix Stance. It must have been really embarassing for her since i had to touch her legs, thighs, and hips to put them in the right place.

In the night i had her train by herself to learn more about [Moonlight] by herself. Since it will be her partner for a while. It is best if she learns about it and experiments with [Moonlight]. If she could have any breaktroughs about [Moonlight] that’d be great. The more she can learn about [Moonlight] as fast as possible the better. The more about [Moonlight] she learns the faster her training will be.

Once it hits midnight i tell her to stop and to come get sleep. She has to keep her body healthy or else all this training will go to waste. I also have to sleep with her on the same bed. Due to this it is umcomfortable to sleep due to the size of the bed and the fact that Cordelica is a cuddler when she sleeps.

I have also come to known that she hides her feelings behind a smile. She really is a good girl. She endures it all until she falls asleep were she cries and sleep talks about how she really feels. She doesn’t want to be in this competition since she hates competition but she wants to make her father proud. It seems the kidnapper from before was supposedly a really great swordsman.

She goes to such great lengths just to please other. Honestly, I HATE IT. She is working hard for others but she is slowly breaking herself. She is afraid of others looking down on her so she pushes herself past her limit to satisfy others. Even though most of the ones she pushes herself hard for won’t help her when she breaks down. She still decides to do it anyway. I just can’t understand it. And i hate it that others are taking advantage of this.

I will take care of this girl. From now on i make a vow that i will protect this girl and make her satisfied. She won’t have be afraid of others and she won’t be pushed around by others. I will make her into an independent and strong woman. Whatever wants to harm her and is stronger than her will with me. Anything that i know she can handle. She’ll have to do it. I will make sure that this girl no longer cries in her sleep because of others.

“Cordelica. I promise I’ll be your shield and sword. I’ll protect you and sharpen you so that you will be strong and won’t be afraid of others…”(Izayoi)

As if responding to me. She put her head onto my chest. Usually i’d try to push her away but this time i embrace her to let her know I’m serious about this promise.

The next morning comes. I go to answer the door since someone has knocked on the door.It is 2 middle aged men and 1 young girl with blue hair and a black dress and a boy around 10 with bkack hair amd who looks extremely arrogant.One of the middle aged men is wearing a rat on his collar. Im geussing he’s the current king. The other seems to be the instructor. The other 2 seem to be the prince and princess.

“I can’t believe the Divine Phoenix Kingdom has hired such a dirty and nasty servant.”(Rat Prince)

“Ugh i can’t believe we have to meet in this filthy place. The Divine Phoenix Kingdom should just disappear.”(Rat King)

“Haha King we are just here to assert our dominance again.”(Rat Instructor)

I really hate such arrogant people like these. Just because they have a tiny bit of power they think they are the best. Atleast the princess isn’t bad. She seems to disagree with what they’re saying as she’s been frowning at what they said. She’s also given me a smile. Truly not a bad girl.

“Izayoi. Where are you?”(Cordelica)

Cordelica seems to be calling for me and the princes’ eyes seemed to glow. It seems he has a crush on Cordelica. Too bad i won’t let her go with such a terrible and arrogant person like him.

“Ah Izayoi there you are. I learned alot more about [Moonlight] from last nights practice. Do you think you can-“(Cordelica)

She seems to have noticed who arrived here and has put on a bright forced smiled.

“Ah hello geusts from the Divine Rat Kingdom it’s a pleasure meeting you again.”(Cordelica)

The Rat Prince goes up and tries to kiss her hand but before he lays his dirty lips upon her hand. He gets interrupted by my wooden sword.

“Hey what do you think you’re doing?”(Rat Prince)

“I won’t let you put your lips on Cordelica. She clearly doesn’t enjoy it”(Izayoi)

“She’s going to be my future wife so she’ll definetely enjoy it.”(Rat Prince)

“I’ll never give Cordelica to trash like you. She’s-“(Izayoi)

I felt a pain running through my cheek. It wasn’t from the prince’s hand but from Cordelica’s. Why?

“Izayoi stop. You can’t just insult him like that alright. Now leave i don’t want to talk to you anymore. I also don’t remember being your’s so you have no decisions to make in my life.”(Cordelica)

“HAHA. You heard her now get out of here you trash!”(Rat Prince)

??? What did i do wrong. I just tried to protect her. But I’m the one that got punished. Even though i had done everything for her own good. Fine then. It seems she’s not the person i thought she was.

“Yes I understand. I’ll leave immediately.”(Izayoi)

I leave straight through the front door. It seems like i was completely wrong about this place. It brought me happiness for a short while and then did nothing but hurt me. While I left i had noticed the Rat Princess staring at me. She seemed to have a light in her eyes. Her eyes looked as if they found what they were looking for. But why was she staring at me? For amusement? Well whatever. I don’t care. I’ll just go back to Our home. The house where Restia and I were. From there I’ll just go exploring.

Cordelica will be fine since she doesn’t need me and has that Rat Prince that she seems to be so fond of. I go to the marketplace to get some meat to cook for breakfast. I then go to the outskirts of the forests to cook the meat. It seemed that i had bought meat for 2…

“Excuse me Izayoi was it? Can i eat with you?”(???)

“Yeah sure go ahead. Eh? It’s the Rat Princess. Why are you here?”(Izayoi)


“Please stop Rat Princess it hurts!!It hurts.”(Izayoi)

“I have a proper name! That name is Lucina Greyrat. I’ll stop once you start calling me Lucina instead of ‘Rat Princess’.”(Lucina)

“Yes! I’m sorry Lucina I won’t call you Rat Princess again.”(Izayoi)

“Good. I have to say this meat is pretty good. How did you make it so tasty?”(Lucina)

“I just cooked the meat and put some seasoning on it nothing too special. But the ingrediants are really rare and extremely good. I have more amazing food i can cook. Wait why are you even here Lucina?”(Izayoi)

“I’m here because I’m interested in you Izayoi.”(Lucina)

Eh? She’s interested in me? Has she fallen in love with me on first sight?

“To clarify I’m not in l-love with you…(atleast it hasn’t gotten to that point yet)… You probably had a thought like that didn’t you?”(Lucina)

“Ehh? No way i didn’t even think of that? Hehe.”(Izayoi)

“Izayoi you’re a terrible liar. Anyways i’m interested in you because you defied my brother.”(Lucina)

“It’s not that amazing.”(Izayoi)

“My brother is the next successor to the strongest kingdom in the Sky Continent and you openly opposed him. How are you not interesting? You aren’t even afraid or nervous. Rather you’re quite angry aren’t you because the girl you like, Cordelica, sided with him.”(Lucina)

“So what if he’s the next successor I won’t ever be afraid of him. Also I don’t like Cordelica and she clearly doesn’t like me.”(Izayoi)

“So you don’t like her? Well that makes it easier. I-Izayoi will you be… my boyfriend… i want to learn more about you. I’ve read stories about men who aren’t afraid of even the heavens and I wanted my husband to be like that too. You’re the only person i met who’s like that…”(Lucina)

Ehh? Quite opposite of her attitude she also seems to be quite shy…WAIT She just confessed… Wait she doesn’t even like me.

“Sorry Lucina but you don’t even like me so I can’t agree to be your boyfriend. Besides we can still talk and you learn more about me that way.”(Izayoi)

“Mhmm it’s understandable. I’ll definetely talk to you more so go back to the mansion. I’ll let you stay with me. Also back then and even now you look so cool. It made my heart beat and even now i can hear it loudly.”(Lucina)

Listening to Lucina made me blush. I looked cool and made her heart beat. I looked like a man who could oppose the heavens to her. This girl certainly has a way with words…

“Mhm Izayoi’s blushing face is really cute too.”(Lucina)

“You’re blushing face was really cute and made me want to immediately accept.”(Izayoi)

Huh she also easily blushes. It seems we’ll both have fun teasing each other as right now we’re walking back while blushing. I’m sleeping in her room. I hope things don’t get out of control.



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