Heaven’s Scourge ch 7

I didn’t think that sleeping in Lucina’s room wouldn’t be too hard. I was wrong. Really really wrong. She’s a cuddler as well but she get’s way too close. Her lips are a few centimeters away from me. It’d be bad if this continues or if someone walks in on us.

“Hehe. You look so nervous Izayoi. I wonder why?”(Lucina)

This girl she really is annoying. I should tease her back too.

“I was trying to hold myself back with kissing you…”(Izayoi)

Lucina turned bright red. Yes mission accomplished she might try to fire back so i have to prepare.

“You don’t have to hold back. Since i saw how you were… i decided i will you you my heart and soul. My body is included in that as well.”(Lucina)

She’s bright red. She said such an embarassing thing… even I’m blushing. If she actually means it I might lose control. I lightly hold her head and then turn around.

“If you say such a thing some guys might lose control and do what they want.”(Izayoi)

“If it’s Izayoi i don’t mind. I’m serious about you so please be serious about me. I haven’t fallen in love with you yet but i know if we spend more days together I will. You are what my heart and soul yearn for… Mhm Good night Izayoi…”(Lucina)

This girl… how determined. Also so embarassing… i want to embrace her. No i will embrace her. I hold her body tightly in my arms. I will try my best to get to know you so try your best to get to know me.

“Goodnight Lucina. I try my hardest as well…”(Izayoi)

The next morning i woke up with breakfast next to me. Lucina’s gone as well did she make this for me? I tasted it and it was pretty bad but for some reason it still felt good.

“Izayoi? How was the food? I know it probably tasted bad but i wanted to try cooking for you. Since i want to be your wife i thought  i used should get used to it.”(Lucina)

This girl’s true nature is quite shy but she tries to be quite strong. Eh she has cuts on her fingers… She truly is a good girl. The more i notice about her the cuter i think she is… Restia I’m sorry im an unfaithful man. I think if we talk more i’l definetely fall in love. She also is quite determined as well. She would be an excellent wife.

“Lucina you also know the Divine Rat Kingdoms sword style right?”(Izayoi)

“Yeah I’m not as good as my brother but I know The Divine Rat Tail Style.”(Lucina)

“Can you show me the sword style? I want to see if i can improve it for you.”(Izayoi)

“Ok Got it let me get [God-Eater] my sword.”(Lucina)

“Aren’t you afraid of me showing your sword style to others?”(Izayoi)

“Nope. You have all my trust Izayoi. I’m not even afraid of telling you the most secretive of things.”(Lucina)

This girl isn’t too trusting to actually trust me with all her heart I’m touched.

“Mhm. Thank you Lucina. I’ll put all my faith and trust in you aswell.”(Izayoi)

She’s showing such a bright smile. This girl looks really happy. Seeing her i can’t help but smile too. I need to focus on her sword style i want her to improve. When she said that she can show me she looked a little upset. She probably hates how the instructors won’t personally teach her. After watching Lucina swing her sword for a while i stepped in.

“Lucina stop. Ok here. Move your legs and keep them in place. Shift your weight over a little to your left. Here your knee needs to be at this height. Your thighs need to be a little wider. Spread your hips more. Your butt needs to be a little lower. This should be the best stance for you.”(Izayoi)

“Lucina what’s wrong your face is really red. Did you push yourself too hard?”(Izayoi)

I brought my forehead close to hers to check her temperature.

“Izayoi you were touching me alot. Like my thighs, legs, and even my butt. How could i not be embarassed. We’re not even dating yet…”(Lucina)

That’s why she was blushing…mhm even though it was small it felt kinda.. good… wait what am i thinking… i’m not a pervert.

“I was just trying to fix your stance…besides i’m not interested in your body…”(Izayoi)

“Even though your hand is making groping motions… if you want to touch i’ll let you… but we need to date for along time i only let you for now since you did it for my sake.”(Lucina)

If we date huh. It wouldn’t be too bad dating Lucina… Wait i still have Restia. I need to wait for Restia. I have to endure 10 and a half months for her.

“Izayoi. Do you have someone you love? Your expression looked as if you were yearning for someone.”(Lucina)

This girl can get jealous too huh. Her pouty face is absolutely adorable. No one can get mad at this face without a reason. But i do need to tell her about Restia.

“I do have someone I love. Sorry Lucina. Her name is Restia. She’s also the one who taught me about swords. I had amnesia and she was the one who saved me and taught me about this world. She’s away for an year and she told me to explore the world. That’s why I’m here now.”(Izayoi)

“I see. I don’t really mind much. I’ll make you fall in love with me by then and if you don’t i don’t mind being your concubine or 2nd wife. As long as i get some love and get to know you more I’m fine. I also want to support you when you’re older. I’m completely serious about you.”(Lucina)

I don’t know how i feel about Polygamy. Im used to the old world where its was Monogamy. Maybe because I reverted back to a child’s mind that I can feel as if Polygamy is natural. It wouldn’t be too bad having 2 wives. Maybe 3 if i include Cordelica…. no forget her. She hasn’t even apologized yet. She probably doesn’t even care that i left. She has the Rat Prince to teach her swordplay as well. She probably thinks that his sword style is far better than mine as well. I don’t care about her just like she doesn’t care about me. I definetely won’t aplogize to her for being rude to the prince. AHHH just forgt about her. I have Lucina with me. The most important thing right now is teaching Lucina and having her get used to the new stance. Like that we continued her practice and sparred for a while before going to eat lunch.

“Izayoi. After lunch can we go clothes shopping? I want to get new clothes. Is that fine?”(Lucina)

Clothes shopping? Seeing Lucina try on new clothes seems like fun. Maybe i can tease her while shopping.

“Yeah I don’t mind let’s go Lucina.”(Izayoi)

So we ate our lunch which was made by Lucina who’s cooking had vastly improved and it was now really tasty. And now we head for the shopping district.