Heaven’s Scourge ch 8

This is the first time i had visited the shopping district. There were alot of couples in this town. It seemed as if Lucina noticed this too and wrapped her arms around mine.

“I don’t want to de different from the others. So lets consider this as a pretend date. Or should it be an actual date ♡?”(Lucina)

“An actual date? I’d be fine with that. It’s my first date so I’m sorry if you have a bad time?”(Izayoi)

This girl is really innocent. But at times can tease. Truly a fun girl. I feel like i’d never get bored around her.

“Mhm. It’s alright Izayoi I could never have a bad time around you! Izayoi look at this dress it so pretty. Do you think it’d look good on me?”(Lucina)

Honestly i think anything would look good on her. But i think a blue dress would fit her well. It’d go great with her blue hair and azure eyes.

“Anything would look great on you Lucina. I think that this blue dress would look great on you.”(Izayoi)

“Alright Izayoi let’s go in I want to try it on.”(Lucina)

“Yeah i’ll wait for you to get changed. Or do you want me to follow you in?”(Izayoi)

Grabbing my hand and lightly pulling me she playfully said

“Come in if you want.”(Lucina)

“Alright you win this time hurry up and get changed. I want to see you in your dress.”(Izayoi)

“Alright. Just wait for a while. I be out soon.”(Lucina)

I didn’t have any expreience coming from shopping so i felt quite embarassed sitting outside waiting for Lucina.

“Izayoi, tell me how do I look?”(Lucina)

Honestly she looked extremely beautiful. Once she matures she will definetely be a world-class beauty.

“You look stunning. You’re so beautiful. That dress looks great on you.”(Izayoi)

That azure blue dress completely fit well with her. If she was a dimaond. The dress would be like a golden ring to fit the diamond on.She blushes from the praise i give her.

“Hehe. Thank you Izayoi. Let’s go buy it and go home.”(Lucina)

“I’ll buy you the dress and some other clothes so let’s continue shopping.”(Izayoi)

I could only blush and look away at the words i said. I felt embarassed since i just indirectly told her i want to spend more time with her.

Seeing her smiling face makes me happy that I can spend time with her.

“Thank you Izayoi. How much money do you have? I don’t wanna waste too much money.”(Lucina)

“I have 5 gold coins. With the cost of the dress i have 4 left.”(Izayoi)

“Its 1 gold coin? It pricey. Lets put it back. I don’t want to spend all your money.”(Lucina)

“Nope your getting it and your going to waste all my coins. I’m gonna buy you alot of clothes and lunch. So if you wanna pay me back. Then do so making me alot of delicious food.”(Izayoi)

“Mhm. Fine. I’m going to make you the best food that you’re going to owe me alot more and you’re gonna have to be my husband.”(Lucina)

“Try your hardest then. I’ll be your sword master too so your gonna owe me alot.”(Izayoi)

“I’ll… uhm… I’ll…mhm… I’ll give you lots of love”(Lucina)

“Ehh thats unfair. If you give me alot of love then I’ll have to give you as much Love to be equal. No I’ll love you alot more.”(Izayoi)

“Then marry me Izayoi.”(Lucina)

“I wish i could but we’re far too young. Once we reach 13 we’ll be able to marry. If you could wait that long and we hold feelings for each other then i will”(Izayoi)

“I’ll have to wait 5 years… but for Izayoi it’s a small price. It a promise then. Pinky promise me Izayoi.”(Lucina)

“Okay that’s a promise. Well then let’s go get more clothes.”(Izayoi)

I pinky promised her. Huh a Status notification appeared.

“Eh there’s Status Notification.”(Lucina)

“You too Lucina?”(Izayoi)

“Yeah Let’s see what it says”(Lucina)

Status:                                                             Izayoi  Lv10.(Lv.1)                                       Strength:1,050(5,500)                               Defense:1,150(5,500)                                 Agility:1,050(5,500)                                   Magic:550(3,500)                                      Magic Defense:1,100(5,500) Charm:100                                                     Luck:100                                                          [Unique Abilities]:[???]-Unknown Abilities.                                                 [The Dragon God’s Divine Fighting Armor]: Scale armor appears on your body boosting all of your statuses by 1,000. (LV.1)                                                 [Promise]: Your Promise to Lucina Greyrat to marry once you turn 13. If accomplished. Permenently increases stats by 1,000.

[Skills]: [Forced Disguise]- Forcefully hide your level and status. Cannot be undone.[Falling Moon’s Devastation]- 1st level special attack of the Dragon God’s Sword style [Burning Heaven Falling Earth.]-2nd level special attack of the Dragon God’s Sword Style. [Scorching Universe, Devouring Black Hole] 3rd level special attack of the Dragon God’s Sword Style.

Equipment:[Jet Black Heaven Piercing Sword] LongSword rumored to be used by the Dragon God herself. Its powers were strong enough to be able to defy the heavens. Able to change forms due to the Creator’s aprroval

Ehhh? Our promise has turned into a Unique Skill? Wait what why has [Disguise] turned into [Forced Disguise]. No matter what I do I can’t revert back my strength. It’s stuck at Lv.10. Does this mean i have to level up normally now? Hmm i can also change [Jet Black’s] form? Let’s change it into a katana since it is my preferred weapon of choice.Well atleast things will get exciting now that i can’t be considered as one of the top powers.I wonder what Lucina’s stats are like.

Status:                                                             Lucina GreyRat Lv.15                                   Strength:2,500                                               Defense:2,700                                               Agility:3,000                                                 Magic:100                                                       Magic Defense:2,700.                                 [Unique Abilities]:[Divine Devour]: Can absorb raw materials and turn them into refined material. If one devours a being stronger than theirself they gain the difference between the two statuses and permenently increases their strength. More refined material when close to Izayoi.                                                             [Divine Rat’s Body]: Gain a little of the strength of the Divine Rat each time you level up.                                          [Promise]: Your promise to Izayoi to marry when you turn 13 of accomplished stats increase permenently by 1,000.

[Skills]: [Heaven Defying Bite]-1st level special attack of the Dragon-Rat Sword Style.[Heaven Devourer]-2nd level special attack of the Dragon-Rat Sword Style.[Infinite Dragon, Un-ending Rat]-3rd level special attack of the Dragon-Rat Sword Style

[Equpiment]:[God-Eater] Sword of the 1st ancestor. Its power was enough to scare the Heavens and the sword was able to easily devour Gods. The sword has been sealed for years.  It’s sealed form is nothing like its unsealed form. The sealed form is simply an unbreakable and sharp One-handed Double edged sword. 

Ehh aren’t Lucina’s stats crazy strong for her level? She nearly doubles her level in all atrribures except magic. It seems she’s extremely bad magic. It also seems that due to my influence the Divine Rat Sword Style changed into the Dragon Rat Sword Style. She also has the promise unique ability. Divine Devour? Isn’t that a crazy way to gain strength and wealth. It’s effects also improve if she’s around me. Ehh Lucina looks confused.

“I actually have a Unique ability and its our Ancestor’s… a divine ability actually appeared. One hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years. I actually have a Divine Ability. It cant be because of Izayoi… but it improves when around him… Our promise has become an Unique ability as well. So it has to be. Izayoi thank you. Because of you i gained [Divine Devour] a divine ability.”(Lucina)

“It’s fine. You don’t need to thank me. Also aren’t your stats really crazy for your level. Most of them are almost double.”(Izayoi)

“Actually I just gained this strength right now as well. Before all my stats were all 1,500 except for magic which was 0. I have a bad affinity for magic… I also just gained [Divine Devour] which can bring in alot of income for the family. I can also get stronger with it. That’s why from the bottom of my heart I wanna thank you. You have given me so many gifts and now such an insane power-up. I don’t know how to repay you.”(Lucina)

“Its fine you don’t have repay me. Actually if you want to repay me use that strength for a good cause ok?”(Izayoi)

“Of course I’ll use it for a good cause. It’s getting kinda late. Let’s go home.”(Lucina)

“Yeah let’s go.”(Izayoi)

I pet her head and we go on our way. I turn back and see a glimpse of red hair. It can’t be Cordelica right? It must be a hallucination or just bad lighting. Well it doesn’t matter what matters is getting Lucina to get used to her new strength and to the Dragon-Rat Style.