Heaven’s Scourge ch 9

——Cordelica’s POV——-

I’m glad Izayoi had saved me from that kidnapper. I truly am. I’m even more grateful that he even wanted to teach me his Sword Style. Even from a glance I could tell his Sword Style was unique and superior to even the highest sword techniques of the Divine Rat Kingdom and the Divine Boar Kingdom. Although i felt like i bribed him with food and a place to stay.

I was happy he was nice and kind. Unlike other Sword Instructors he didn’t get angry at me for making mistakes. He told me what i did wrong and even helped me fix it. Although it was embarassing since he touched me all over. I got attached really quickly to Izayoi since he was so nice and kind. It was his nature. He wasn’t like the others who were only nice to me so they could get on my good side. He was nice to me because he liked my determination to get stronger.

My reason for getting stronger was so my Divine Phoenix Kingdom wouldn’t be in danger. Since we are the weakest we could be attacked at any time by the other kingdoms. My papa is also extremely worried about this. If i can get stronger he won’t have to stress as much.

I also want to marry Izayoi. He’s amazingly strong and kind. He’s just like the kind of person i want to be with. Whenever I’m near Izayoi my heart feels calmed and relaxed. Just seeing Izayoi makes me happy. Especially at night. Seeing Izayoi’s sleeping face brings me alot of joy. When i see it i just want to embrace him and sleep on his arms.

With Izayoi teaching me i had hope of winning this tournament. With Izayoi’s Sword Style i could achieve victory. My Divine Phoenix Kingdom would no longer be the weakest. With my victory i could also bring glory to Izayoi. I was going to ask him to marry me after i win. With Izayoi’s attitude i think he’d agree. I was going to enjoy my days happily with Izayoi.

“Ah Izayoi there you are. I learned alot more about [Moonlight] from last nights practice. Do you think you can-“(Cordelica)

Atleast that should’ve been what happened. The Divine Rat Royal Family had arrived. Four of them in total. The Current Head of the Divine Rat Kingdom, The Divine Rat Style Sword Instructor, The Prince named Philip, and The Princess named Lucina.

“Ah hello geusts from the Divine Rat Kingdom it’s a pleasure meeting you again.”(Cordelica)

I was unhappy at their arrival but i had to force a smile to greet them. I hated it but if i did anything to anger them, the Divine Phoenix Kingdom might come under attack. I especially hated Prince Philip since he was in love for me. Sorry Prince but I’ve decided to give my heart to Izayoi.

Ewww. He wants to kiss my hand. I want to pull away put i don’t want to disrespect the Prince. Izayoi… he stopped the prince from kissing my hand. I’m grateful but you’re just harming me more than you are protecting me right now.

“Hey what do you think you’re doing?”(Rat Prince)

“I won’t let you put your lips on Cordelica. She clearly doesn’t enjoy it”(Izayoi)

“She’s going to be my future wife so she’ll definetely enjoy it.”(Rat Prince)

“I’ll never give Cordelica to trash like you. She’s-“(Izayoi)

I had slapped Izayoi across the face.

Although i hated what the Prince was saying I hated more what Izayoi was saying. I didn’t like what the Prince was saying, Izayoi was right about that but Izayoi is defending me. If the Prince got angry then he’ll tell his father. For the Prince the King might destroy the Divine Phoenix Kingdom. I definetely can’t let that happen.

Ah… Izayoi’s face… he looks so disappointed and sad. Most of all he looks like he was just betrayed. No i did betray him. Seeing him like that hurt my heart alot. It hurt even more knowing I was the reason for his pain. But I had to tell him the reason why i did it. If i tell him he’ll forgive me right?

“Izayoi stop. You can’t just insult him like that alright. Now leave i don’t want to talk to you anymore. I also don’t remember being your’s so you have no decisions to make in my life.”(Cordelica)

“HAHA. You heard her now get out of here you trash!”(Rat Prince)

I didn’t say the words i wanted to say at all. No… it sounded like I was on the Rat Princes’ side. I didn’t want that. I wanted to tell him i didn’t mean it but i don’t want to face the Rat Princes’ wrath. I’m just a coward. I should be the one getting called trash instead of Izayoi. Ah… his eyes have changed. His eyes are full of sadness as if he was just abandoned. But at the same time they look cold. As if they could freeze over flames. I could see that Izayoi was getting angry. Who wouldn’t be angry when they were betrayed.

“Yes I understand. I’ll leave immediately.”(Izayoi)

Ahhh… no don’t leave. My heart felt like it was going to break. I wanted to tell him I’m sorry and to not go but I couldn’t let those words out. I felt like i was going to regret seeing him leave. I felt that if he left our relationship would be as if we’re strangers.

Seeing the door close behing Izayoi made me want to cry but i had to endure for the Kingdom. Ehh why was Lucina looking at Izayoi. I didn’t like the way she was looking at him. My chest burned with fury at the way she looked at Izayoi but I couldn’t do anything. Even as i watched her talk to her father and go out the door to chase after Izayoi, i couldn’t say anything at all. All i could do was endure it.

“Princess Cordelica would you like me to show you my sword style perhaps we can improve our swordplay.”(Rat Prince)

He just wanted to get closer to me. But I didn’t want to spend any time at all with him. Especially not now. I’ve endured as much as i can. I just want to go to my room and cry.

“No thank you Prince Philip. I’m not feeling too well and since the tournament is soon i want to be in the best condition possible.”(Cordelica)

“I see may you get well soon so we can spend my time with each other.”(Rat Prince)

How disgusting. Seeing him off i ran to my room. I jumped into my pillow and cried.

I cried because i hurt Izayoi. I cried because Izayoi left. I cried because Lucina chased after Izayoi. I cried because Izayoi isn’t here to comfort me. I cried because I’m weak.

I’m crying because Izayoi might not want to teach me anymore. I’m crying because i lost one precious thing to protect another. I’m crying because I realized that without Izayoi I cannot protect the Divine Phoenix Kingdom. I’m crying because i realized I’m too weak to protect anything. I’m crying because I realized that without Izayoi I have no hopes of getting stronger. I’m crying because I realized without Izayoi the Divine Phoenix Kingdom will fall.

Without Izayoi there will be no one strong enough to oppose the other kingdoms. I tried to keep the kingdom from falling but I’m not making it stronger. I’m making it slowly lose it strength over time. I’m trying to last but just lasting isn’t getting us anywhere. To survive the kingdom must get stronger. But now I’ve offended the only person strong enough to help us.

With these thoughts I cried myself to sleep.